Jonas Brothers Take Asbury Park: Files of An Ex-SuperFan

Hi everyone! Happy Monday!

When it was announced that the Jonas Brothers were to record their MTV Video Music Awards performance at the Stony Pony on Sunday, 8/25, in Asbury Park, I was already plotting out my trip on Waze.

If you haven’t heard (or just aren’t from around here), the Stone Pony is a famous and historic music venue in Monmouth County, NJ that has allowed for major New Jersey musicians, like Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi, to get their start. Located just a block away from the boardwalk and beach, it’s a crazy-cool outdoor venue unlike any other.

Once a Jonas Brothers super-fan, I was excited to see my boys live, about thirty minutes from where I lived on the Jersey Shore. Rewind back to 2008 when I was convinced Nick Jonas would be my husband.

Although only a select few fans were offered tickets to watch the Jonas Brothers’ actual set inside the Stone Pony, they sang a few songs afterwards on a stage facing the Asbury Park boardwalk and beach for the public, for FREE. That meant that mere mortals like my boyfriend and I could see them in the flesh.

The entire area was absolutely MOBBED. According to New Jersey 105.1, over 8,000 people showed up to watch. Ocean Avenue, which was a block away from the venue, had been blocked off. Showing up about 45 minutes before showtime, my boyfriend and I luckily sought out spots on the boardwalk, which houses plenty of restauraunts and bars, nearby the stage before it was baricaded off.

The crowd clustered further down the boardwalk, while others camped out in beach chairs blankets on the sand and even more watched from the Watermark Bar nearby.

The set-list was short, and unlike a lot of fans wanted, they didn’t play any old favorites and only sang a few songs (“Sucker”, “Cool”, “I Believe”, and “Only Human”) from their newest album release, Happiness Begins.

The set was finished off with a fireworks, which was the cherry on top of the summer night. After the crowd dispersed, Tanner and I headed to Pop’s Garage, a nearby Mexican food spot, for tacos and margaritas. All in all, not a bad way to spend a Sunday night!

Who’s watching the VMAs tonight? I’m not a huge award show fan usually but I’m considering watching this year to hopefully catch a ~*glimpse~ of myself!

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