9 Fall Fashion Trends To Shop Right Now


Red Dress Boutique jacket

After having binge-watched Emily in Paris, I have been all over tweed like white on rice. This pattern is such a gorgeous and classic way to spice up any neutral outfit.


American Eagle pants

A true fall staple! Glad to see its finally making a comeback.

Jewel tones

Emerald sweater

Jewel tones are classic for a reason — they never truly go out of style.


Forever 21 plaid headband

Headbands are everything this season! You can find them just about anywhere and they easily *add a bit of spice*~ to any look.

Combat boots

Dr. Martens

Toughen up any look with a pair of grunge-y combat boots.


Leather jeans

Sandy from Grease, who? This season leather pants are all the rage and are available in lots of silhouettes — from leggings to joggers, there’s something for everyone.


SHEIN plaid shacket

A fun cross between a “jacket” and a “shirt”, shackets have been worn all over Instagram for the last few months. They are super casual and versatile and look great when paired with your combat boots and leather pants.


Velvet mask Rhinestone mask

Mask up! As a healthcare worker I feel I would’ve cheated myself had I not mentioned masks in this article. Do your part; stay six feet apart.

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