My Favorite Leather Pants + How I Style Them

If you are at all into fashion, you have likely picked up on the fact that leather is allllll the rage this season. Up until that point, I had seen a lot of other style influencers rocking their hot pants, and while I do like the look, I don’t see myself wearing them anytime soon (maybe in 2023?) if I was going to be out and about like we would under normal circumstances.

When I go shopping, I try to make sure that whatever piece of clothing I am buying matches my lifestyle. Much of 2020 was spent at home thanks the the COVID-19 pandemic and it is likely that 2021 will look the same. With that being said, recently, comfort has been key.

I purchased my vegan leather cargo jogger pants from Abercrombie for $89 back in November. At the time I wasn’t sure if they would be worth the money, but as a major Abercrombie stan, I had high hopes that I wouldn’t be disappointed.

While my pants are sold out in most sizes, Abercrombie sells a very similar pair for the same price that come in a teal green, a tan, and a black and are in stock in most sizes.

They are so chic, so flattering and comfortable that I cannot recommend them enough.

I have shared a few different ways that I have styled these pants. They are adorable with a sweater and chunky sneakers, as well as with a turtleneck bodysuit and suede booties. I’m excited to style again them in a couple of months with a crop top and heels for a night out.

Most of the items that I styled with my joggers are old or out of stock, so here are some similar ones to purchase if you are interested in stealing my style-

Pink puff sleeve sweater / Chunky gray sweater / Alexander McQueen inspired platform sneakers / Olive green turtleneck / Gray suede bootie

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