My 6 Best YouTube Beauty Guru Approved Makeup Tips & Tricks

While I cannot say that I am a beauty guru by any means necessary, I can say that I have acquired some tricks of the trade over the course of the last few years by watching various YouTube makeup tutorials. I am the kind of girl who prefers a natural makeup routine most days but will definitely amp it up for a special occasion or night out with a dark smoky eye or a statement lip. 

Wet your beauty blender/sponge and then ring it out on a towel to get rid of excess water. 

I’ve used my sponges dry and soaking wet, but wetting in then ringing it out is how to make your makeup adher best to my skin. Spray your sponge with setting spray to further extend your face makeup’s life!

Foundation is meant to be used sparingly. 

At this point in my life, my skin is pretty clear, so I work with what God gave me and I work to enhance that. For this reason, I wear a high-coverage concealer under my eyes every single day and skimp out on wearing foundation on the rest of my face, just using powder, blush and bronzer to make me look more ~alive~.

I will wear a tinted moisturizer sometimes, because I like the way that it simply evens out my skin tone and contains SPF and doesn’t make me look cake-y or unnatural.

Prevent mascara mishaps by applying it in a handheld mirror, s-l-o-w-l-y.

The key to doing your mascara effectively is taking your time with it. I find that whenever I am rushing, I get it all over the place and have to do major clean-up, which just ends up taking more time and (Q-tips).

Blend, blend, blend and then blend some more.

If you are not satisfied with your eyeshadow has turned out, just keep blending around the edges. When in doubt, add a dark brown on the outer corner and just keep blending. It makes a WORLD of difference. To blend the edges of your eyeshadow even more seamlessly, pick up a bit of your face powder on an eyeshadow brush and blend up toward your brow bone. 

Apply your eyeshadow before your face makeup. 

This is especially applicable when using dark colors, so you are able to easily wipe away fallout under your eyes without messing up the beautiful ~canvas~, for lack of a better word, you’d just created.

Hand too shaky for liquid liner? 

Use an angled brush to apply a dark shadow to your lash line in the place of eyeliner. I love how much more easily it is blended. 

And those are my best makeup tips! If you liked these tips, please share with a friend!

I’d like to finish off this blog post with a question: What is your ride-or-die makeup product?

A Look Inside My First Birchbox: Unboxing & First Impressions

As many of you probably know, Birchbox is a monthly beauty subscription box service that matches you with products you may like based on your skin type and tone, hair color and type, etc.

I received a Birchbox subscription as a 23rd birthday gift from one of my best friends, Emily. While I have never tried Birchbox before, I have received Ipsy Bags in the past, so I was excited to see how these two beauty monthly subscription boxes differed.

A look inside at the products:

Benefit Cosmetics BADGal BANG! Volumizing Mascara 


I was initially very excited to try out this mascara as I have really enjoyed using Benefit’s other mascaras, They’re Real and Roller Lash, in the past.

Unfortunately, I did not like this one as much as I liked the other mascaras that Benefit has produced. While BadGal BANG! was nice for separating and lengthening your lashes, I found that they weren’t…well… voluminous enough for my liking.

I found this to be a bit irksome as the name suggests that the mascara does just that when it does not.

Vasanti Makeup Magnet Wipes 



I loved that these wipes were not at all greasy or irritating on my sensitive skin, but still managed to get all of my mascara and eyeshadow off, most likely because they are infused with micellar water. 10/10 would repurchase.

Stila Cosmetics Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Portofino


To be honest, I was never one for the liquid lip trend. I often find them uncomfortable because they dry out the lips and look unflattering when they wear off, as they often crack and wear unevenly.

I tried it out regardless — while the color, which Birchbox describes as a “pink rose shade” was a pretty one for fall, seemed to be long lasting and also dried evenly, I do not see myself reaching for this one. I would definitely be interested in trying out the satin finish lipsticks in the line though, in hope that they are a bit less drying.

Number 4 Super Comb Prep and Protect 


I spray this leave-in conditioner on wet hair after having showered and was pleasantly surprised at how easily it detangled my thick hair upon bushing it out. It was very soft to the touch and left my hair feeling silky smooth and smelling amazing. I am definitely interested in trying this out again to see if it ends up repairing my hair from its color and heat damage.

Balance Me Congested Skin Serum 


Upon first impression, I put a bit of this serum on a few breakouts on my chin. While I cannot tell if this helped to clear them up any faster, I loved how it made my dry, sensitive skin feel smooth to the touch and added a bit of moisture back into it.

After having read some rave reviews on Amazon, I feel that I will definitely have to keep testing this one out!

The verdict: As a recent college grad, I do my best to avoid spending a lot of money on makeup. If I choose to purchase a high-end product, it was most likely heavily researched to ensure that I can justify the price.

With this in mind, I loved being exposed to new products that I would not normally know about at an affordable cost. I also like that they are sample size, because I can try it out and then repurchase the full-size product if I see fit.  I look forward to receiving my next Birchbox and trying out more products next month!

Running late to class essentials – clothing + beauty


Let’s be honest, any class before 11 AM in college is considered early.  Because of this, you will be running late for class the majority  of the time. To survive, you will need clothes and makeup products that can easily be thrown together. I have mapped out clothing and makeup products that will just about save your life the next time you are running late.


You will need neutral pieces that can easily be thrown on and that can be worn a hundred different ways, simply because your closet will not be big enough to fit everything you may want. Here are my go-tos for class.

An awesome pair of jeans. 

Every girl needs a pair of never-fail jeans – ones that are her favorite wash and make her butt look good. I definitely recommend darker wash jeans because I find that they are often times more flattering than lighter washes and are so versatile. Although Paige jeans are very pricy I find that they work well on my body type (I’m a pear!) so I would definitely recommend those.

A neutral pair of sneakers. 

Neutral sneakers are my jam and I lived in my black leather slip on Vans last semester. I am definitely not the kind of girl to wear heels to class so I love low maintenance shoes that will match anything I toss on. I recently got another pair in this awesome tan color and I would definitely recommend them – just slip on and go.

A spirit jersey. 

Not feeling particularly creative or energetic today? Spirit jerseys are the answer – toss them on with your favorite pair of leggings (I like these better than Lulu Lemon!), running sneakers and a baseball hat and you’re ready to go.

A peasant top. 

Maybe these are just something that I love, but I find that they pair so nicely with jeans for class and always just look great. This one from American Eagle is super cute.

A cute dress. 

If you like looking nice for class but don’t have time to match a skirt and a top, a dress is definitely your best bet. Toss it on with a pair of cute sandals and you’re out the door, no matching required.  If it is a little chillier out instead pair with a pair of booties and a denim button up over it. I love these breezy tee shirt dresses right now and think they will look great going into fall.

A cute baseball hat.

Hey, you’re running too late for dry shampoo or just don’t feel like dealing with your hair today. It happens to the best of us! Make sure you have a cute hat on hand for those crazy days when you ~literally can’t even~.

Necklaces and scarves. 

Ah, the turning point of every outfit. Need something to spice up your plain tee shirt and jeans? Toss a layered necklace  or a trendy choker over it and call it a day.  I also love scarves because they can quickly add interest to any outfit.


As a college student, I do not want to blow a ton of money on makeup. So rather than shopping at Sephora, I buy my beauty products mostly at CVS. Before shopping, I do my research to see what would work best for my skin type, dry, and my needs. (Thanks, YouTube beauty gurus!). Here is what I use each day for class.

A tinted moisturizer. 

Nobody has time blend in their full coverage foundation before class so instead stick with a tinted moisturizer or bb cream. They are sheerer so they are easier to apply but also are multi-use products because they both even out your skin and moisturize it. I love the LOreal Infallible Pro Glow because it is pretty light coverage, even though it is a foundation.  It can be built up to a heavier coverage and gives me a pretty glow.


If you are having a better skin day or just don’t have time to deal with foundation or tinted moisturizer, just spot conceal instead. I love the Maybelline Fit Me for pimples and Maybelline Age Rewind for brightening up eye bags because sometimes you’re up too late writing that history paper or just watching Stranger Things.


To make your makeup stay on all day place a light dusting of powder across your face and under your eyes. I like the Maybelline Fit Me.


If you have time, dust a bit of bronzer on the places where the sun would normally hit you – your nose, your temples, your cheekbones, and along your jawline. This will instantly make you look much more alive and only takes a few seconds. I love the NYC bronzer in Sunny.


A pinky lip color is perfect for class – it can be swiped on in seconds and does not need to be super precise. Time saver alert! Instead of using powder blush use your lipstick on your cheeks to act as blush. I find that matching your lip color and blush actually looks very natural and pretty. I love the ColourPop Lippie Stix in Juice Bar.


If you only put on makeup product for class it should be mascara – it opens your eyes and makes you look much more wide awake. I love the Covergirl Lash Blast or LOreal Carbon Black.

Dry Shampoo. 

Ahhh, a favorite among college students everywhere. If you haven’t washed your hair in a couple days or just want some added volume I would definitely recommend this Oscar Blandi dry shampoo. I like this better than most spray dry shampoos simply because I find that it soaks up more oil. I’ve gotten my roommates hooked on it as well!


A look inside my Colourpop Collection

Hey everyone!

With the Colourpop craze in full swing, I figured I would give you all an inside look at the pieces I have ordered from the brand in the past. With everything on their website costing only a few dollars, their prices truly cannot be beat.

I only own six pieces from them but I hope to expand my collection very soon so that it includes one of their infamous ultra matte lipsticks, which everyone in the Internet seems to be comparing to Kylie Jenner’s lip kits.

IMG_5835I have three of their  lippie stix in the colors Poppin’, a matte (which I got free when I ordered the other products), Bossy, another matte, and Juice Bar which is sheer.


I find that I wear Juice Bar most often, probably because it is sheer and is perfect for everyday. I wore Bossy and Poppin often last semester at college for nights out, and I abolutely loved the way they looked on although they never seemed to stay on as long as I hoped they would. Maybe I will have to check out their lip liners to see if those help to prolong the wear of the lippie stix.

The other lippie stick that is pictured is actually a primer that I wanted to try out, but was unfortunately unimpressed with. Maybe my expectations were a little too high for it but I found that it really dried my lips out and did not prolong the wear of my lipstick.


As a huge fun of YouTube beauty blogger KathleenLights, I knew for sure that I had to check out the shadows that she made with Colourpop. As a broke college student, I was not completely ready to drop $20 on the quads that she released with them, so I tested out a beautiful bronze from Where the Light Is that she made called Kathleenlights. IMG_5853


This color looks absolutely beautiful on the lids – I love applying it with my finger rather than a brush because it works best with the formula. When paired with black liner and a warm brown in the crease, it looks absolutely stunning. It has a pearlized finish and I love the way it makes my brown eyes pop.


I personally struggle a lot with using liquid liner, and have been searching far and wide to find an alternative. I have heard great things about cream liners, and I was not about drop a bunch of money to test one out, so I decided to give Colourpop’s in Swerve a whirl.


When used with my Mac 210 brush, this product applies to my upper lash line like a dream. I just recently this brush with a Macy’s gift card that I had laying around and was shocked by how I was easy to get up-close-and-personal with my lash line. 10/10 would definitely recommend both the liner and brush! I have worn the liner to work and had it last all day long in the hot sun, so you know that it stays on.

All in all, I really do like all of these products, aside from the lip primer which is just kind of gimmicky to be honest. With each of these products costing either 5 or 6 dollars, I would definitely recommend trying them out.

IMG_5845IMG_5849In the coming weeks, expect some pretty cool things to be coming to the blog. I just ordered a bottle of spray on nail polish online to review and am thinking about doing a 4th of July look book so keep your eyes peeled for those :).

Leave in the comments what Colourpop products you guys love the most, I would love to check them out!

My everyday summer internship face

Hi guys!

Ever since I got out of school a little over two weeks, it has been full steam ahead for me so I apologize for not having posted in a very long time. Only a few days after school let out, I started my summer internship at a PR firm, The Collective PR in New York City. Sounds glamorous right? Unfortunately, working in sweaty New York City is not quite as glamorous as Carrie Bradshaw may make it seem. But I can get into that in another post.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

As many of you may know, summertime in New York City gets HOT. And I for one am pretty much incapable of looking presentable when it gets toasty out- my makeup seems to melt right off my face! I look, quite literally, like a hot mess. But what is a girl to do when she needs to look presentable and professional in upwards of 90 degree weather, with humidity?

Let’s start with the base – the face makeup.

My skin is so incredibly dry and over time I have come to realize that I really do not need half as much coverage in my makeup as I once thought I did. So instead of using a thick foundation that will cake up my face, I use a tinted moisturizer with SPF.

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I dampen my (disgusting) beauty blender with water and then dab Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturizer all over my face to even out my skin. I then set the makeup into place using a big fluffy brush with Laura Mercier’s smooth finish foundation powder to ensure that everything will stay all day.

I am a 20-year old college student who stays up too late watching The Mindy Project to get even close to enough sleep. So I need a concealer that can make me look awake even though I have only had four hours of sleep and am running on coffee.

Using Bobbi Brown’s creamy concealer, I dab the peachy concealer on my dark circles then set it with the highlighting powder that is beside it. The powder is really white but manages to blends into my pasty skin seamlessly.

To put some life back into my face, I will apply bronzer and blush. I do not contour, I just use a bit of Laura Mercier’s matte bronzer to warm up my cheeks, forehead and nose and then blend some down my neck is necessary. I then apply Milani’s Luminoso to my cheeks. I love this peachy pink color – I think it would look great on a wide range of skin tones.



Last up, eyes. To bring a bit of structure to my face, I will fill my eyebrows in with Benefit’s Gimme Brow in blonde then brush them out with a spoolie to ensure that they look natural and not overly filled in. Next, I apply a coat or two of mascara to my lashes. Right now, I’m loving Maybelline’s Lash Sensational.

A lot of the time I will not even bother with eyeshadow, but if I have extra time I will sometimes swipe a bit of ‘sin’ from my Naked palette onto my lids and then buff “naked” into my crease.

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And there you have it, my everyday summer internship makeup routine. It is easy and does not take much time at all in the morning, perfect for girls who are always running late like me.

If needed, I will touch up my face throughout the day with a bit of concealer and blush so that I appear fresh faced and awake. Let me know in the comments what you all would like to see next!

Happy Earth Day!

Hey everyone!

In honor of Earth Day tomorrow, I thought I would mention a couple of my favorite products that were either cruelty free or non-toxic. And no your eyes have not deceived you that is in fact a lemon in the background!

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I love my EcoTools brushes – they are so soft, cruelty free and made from recycled aluminum and bamboo. EcoTools brushes are loved by beauty editors and plenty of celebrities and the fact that they’re inexpensive helps too.

Moving into makeup, I love Too Faced products because they do not test on animals and are such ridiculously high quality. Their products blend like an absolute dream and are ones that I pull from my makeup bag on a daily basis. Plus, the Chocolate Soleil Bronzer and Chocolate Bar Palette smell like a fancy dessert without the calories so what is there not to love?

Grease Lightning from LUSH is a GODSEND. It is great for my sensitive skin and zaps pimples right away with its mixture of tea tree oil, rosemary and aloe vera. And just as a heads up it is so helpful in curing razor burn! All of the products I have tried from LUSH are great and not just because they do not test on animals and use completely fresh ingredients.

And the star of the show is one of my ~newest~ obsessions; daniPro!

daniPro is a completely non-toxic nail polish that was produced by podiatrist Dr. Gary Evans. Made with Undecylenic Acid and without other damaging chemicals it is a great buy. While most nail polishes typically have a strong smell I was taken aback when I found that daniPro’s scent is not overpowering at all.

daniPro is a must for clumsy girls who always seem to smudge their nails while they wait for them to dry. I personally struggle with painting my own nails, but with daniPro I had no problems at all. The formula is thin and dries quickly, which makes it easy to paint nails efficiently and without making a mess.