My Favorite Leather Pants + How I Style Them

If you are at all into fashion, you have likely picked up on the fact that leather is allllll the rage this season. Up until that point, I had seen a lot of other style influencers rocking their hot pants, and while I do like the look, I don’t see myself wearing them anytime soon (maybe in 2023?) if I was going to be out and about like we would under normal circumstances.

When I go shopping, I try to make sure that whatever piece of clothing I am buying matches my lifestyle. Much of 2020 was spent at home thanks the the COVID-19 pandemic and it is likely that 2021 will look the same. With that being said, recently, comfort has been key.

I purchased my vegan leather cargo jogger pants from Abercrombie for $89 back in November. At the time I wasn’t sure if they would be worth the money, but as a major Abercrombie stan, I had high hopes that I wouldn’t be disappointed.

While my pants are sold out in most sizes, Abercrombie sells a very similar pair for the same price that come in a teal green, a tan, and a black and are in stock in most sizes.

They are so chic, so flattering and comfortable that I cannot recommend them enough.

I have shared a few different ways that I have styled these pants. They are adorable with a sweater and chunky sneakers, as well as with a turtleneck bodysuit and suede booties. I’m excited to style again them in a couple of months with a crop top and heels for a night out.

Most of the items that I styled with my joggers are old or out of stock, so here are some similar ones to purchase if you are interested in stealing my style-

Pink puff sleeve sweater / Chunky gray sweater / Alexander McQueen inspired platform sneakers / Olive green turtleneck / Gray suede bootie

10 Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale Finds to Shop Right Now

Hi everyone, Happy Holidays! With Christmas just behind us and New Years coming up in just a few days, retailers are taking full advantage of shoppers’ downtime and offering major discounts. As a trusted Nordstrom shopper, I wanted to highlight a few sale pieces that I thought were great finds AND were still in stock, since the sale already began a few days ago. Make sure you snap these pieces up if you’re interested, because the sale is only going from today through January 2nd. Happy shopping!

Marc Fisher LTF Oshay Pointed Toe Bootie Currently 47% off and available in lots of colors and sizes. Incredibly versatile heeled bootie that can be dressed up or down.

Free People Sweetheart Mock Neck Sweater 36% off right now. Three color choices and many sizes left.

Vince Camuto Mindinta Chain Trim Boot 40% off right now. Perfect boot for a low-maintenance girl who isn’t so fond of heels. Very on trend

Free People Eloise Blouse 40% off right now. The perfect staple black top to add to your wardrobe.

PAIGE Cindy Split Raw Hem Straight Leg Jeans (Tilley) 33% off the original price. Skinny jeans are out, and straight leg jeans are in. This pair is the perfect staple straight leg jean to add to your closet.

Sweaty Betty Power Sculpt Pocket Workout 7/8 Leggings 40% off right now. Switch up your basic black leggings for a dark teal.

Madewell The Perfect Vintage High Waist Jeans (Malvern) 40% off. Another staple high waisted pair of jeans, this time with a slight crop.

40-Ounce Hydro Flask Currently 25% off and available in a few colors.

Blondo Siena Waterproof Bootie 30% off. These booties were a college staple for me. So comfortable AND waterproof.

Aquatalia Mayra Weatherproof Lace-Up Boot 60% off right now. These are incredibly similar to a pair I shared on Instagram yesterday except these are on SALE.

Check out my recent Instagram posts…

9 Fall Fashion Trends To Shop Right Now


Red Dress Boutique jacket

After having binge-watched Emily in Paris, I have been all over tweed like white on rice. This pattern is such a gorgeous and classic way to spice up any neutral outfit.


American Eagle pants

A true fall staple! Glad to see its finally making a comeback.

Jewel tones

Emerald sweater

Jewel tones are classic for a reason — they never truly go out of style.


Forever 21 plaid headband

Headbands are everything this season! You can find them just about anywhere and they easily *add a bit of spice*~ to any look.

Combat boots

Dr. Martens

Toughen up any look with a pair of grunge-y combat boots.


Leather jeans

Sandy from Grease, who? This season leather pants are all the rage and are available in lots of silhouettes — from leggings to joggers, there’s something for everyone.


SHEIN plaid shacket

A fun cross between a “jacket” and a “shirt”, shackets have been worn all over Instagram for the last few months. They are super casual and versatile and look great when paired with your combat boots and leather pants.


Velvet mask Rhinestone mask

Mask up! As a healthcare worker I feel I would’ve cheated myself had I not mentioned masks in this article. Do your part; stay six feet apart.

2019 in Review: The Top 10 Best & Worst Trends

And just like that, another year is behind us. For most of us, the start of a new year begins with reflecting on the past year: The good, the bad, and the ugly. I rounded up my favorite and least favorite fashion trends that have come about over the past year to do just that.

Here’s to a happy and healthy 2020!


Biker shorts

Popularized by the Kardashian family, the biker short trend is simply not one I can get behind. I am a firm believer that leggings cannot be worn as pants, and feel that biker shorts fall into a similar category and overall are not very flattering or chic.

Tiny sunglasses

But, like, they don’t actually ~block~ the sun.

Transparent hand bags/shoes

Aren’t we trying to reduce our use of plastic, anyway? Also as a self-proclaimed hot mess, I don’t think I have it together enough to make sure my outfit is cute and ALSO the inside of my bag is cute. This trend makes no sense to me. 

Dad sneakers 

No no no. I love a chunky heel or boot as much as the next girl, but these sneakers are anything but cute. Yeah they might be comfortable, but you can buy a pair of platform sneakers that are just as comfortable but a bit more stylish.

Belt bags 

To me, wearing a belt bag screams “mom at Disney world” but then make it fashion. While I definitely see the convenience factor of belt bags, I much prefer other styles.


Straight leg denim 

Long gone are the days of wearing skin tight denim. Retailers have been recently began selling straight leg and boot cut denim for the first time since 2006, probably, and I am a big fan. I find straight cut denim to be more flattering and classic than skinny pants.

Animal print 

2019 was the year of animal print. For a long time, I shied away from the loud prints, but fell in love with cheetah print and snakeskin and now view it is a staple neutral in my everyday wardrobe. Now we’re all taking outfit inspiration straight from Fran from ‘The Nanny’ and I’m not mad about it.

A more natural makeup look 

In 2019, we favored a more natural makeup look than the last few years, which were taken over by ‘Instagram makeup’. The days of blinding highlighter and warm-toned cut crease eyeshadow looks are over, finally, and we are embracing our natural beauty. Hallelujah!

 Hoop earrings

Earrings are a fun accessory that can easily spice up an outfit. I love hoop earrings because they come in so many sizes and designs so you can always find something that fits your taste.

Sustainable fashion

Recently, fast-fashion retailers, sellers of clothing with a short life cycle, like Zara and Forever 21 have come under fire for their clothings’ negative effects on the environment as well as the mal treatment of employees, from hazardous work conditions to low wages.

Consumers want to purchase from brands that they feel they can trust, so sustainable brands like Everlane and online consignment/thrift shop ThredUP have gotten a lot of traction over the past year. Sustainable clothing brands focus on variables such as avoiding the use of hazardous chemicals, cutting down on waste by using recycled materials and using high-quality fabrics that will stand the test of time which grants consumers a higher cost per wear.

Psst! For more information on sustainable fashion brands, I found this great read on Good Housekeeping.

3 Wearable Outfit Ideas for Thanksgiving 2019

Hi everyone! I hope that you’re having a fantastic Tuesday! 

I came up with three outfit ideas inspired by the changing fall leaves’ color palette. These looks are pretty casual considering that’s how my own family chooses to dress for Thanksgiving Day. Why dress up when you’re just going to fall asleep on the couch anyway? Of course, adjustments can be made by playing with pieces you have in your own closet. If you love how you look in pink, wear pink! If you want to be extra comfy, for example, switch out heeled booties for a flat pair, or leggings for a pair of jeans. I hope that this gives you some outfit inspiration for Turkey Day!

Outfit 1:

Red corduroy pants

Snakeskin bootie

Cream balloon sleeve sweater

Gold hoops

I’ve been on the hunt for a pair of corduroy pants to wear to work, but have been unable to find a pair that I loved. This red pair is so fun and pairs perfectly with the creamy sweater. How cute are those balloon sleeves?!

This season, snakeskin is considered a neutral, so I knew I had to throw in a pair of snakeskin shoes in this post. Finish the look off with a gold accessory and you’re ready to go.

Outfit 2:

Off the shoulder sweater

Tall beige boots

Leopard belt

Levi’s wedgie jeans

I am a biiiiig fan of off the shoulder sweaters. I love that you’re cozy but also a bit more feminine by showing off that declotage. This one is from Free People and so stinking cute.

Tuck the sweater in a pair of straight leg jeans, (way comfier than skinny jeans), then pair with a leopard belt and tall beige boots for a cute but casual look.

Outfit 3:

Burnt orange sweater dress

Black Bootie

Plaid scarf

A sweater dress is perfect because it doesn’t cling to your body, making it ideal for wearing to a big meal. If you live in a colder climate, like I do, pair this look with tights.

Which look is your favorite?

If you’re need of inspiration of a slightly more formal outfit, here’s a photo of what I wore this past weekend at a Friendsgiving in Philadelphia.

Friendsgiving outfit details:

Booties: Old from Cole Haan but you can find them on Amazon here!

Dress: Purchased from The Pink Lily Boutique and is unfortunately sold out right now but check out the link here if you want to join the waist list! They also have a few other animal print dresses listed on there if you want to find something similar.

I hope everyone has a happy, healthy and safe Thanksgiving!

Nasty Gal: My Brutally Honest First Impression

“You shopped where?” My mother inquired, eyebrows raised, as I opened up my huge mail-order package with “Nasty Gal” stamped on the front.

Whether or not most of us have actually shopped this popular retail site, most twenty-something females have heard the name “Nasty Gal” thrown around. Famous for its controversial CEO Sophia Amoruso (author of “#Girlboss”) and frequent flash sales, various popular fashion and lifestyle YouTubers like Danielle Carolan have posted Nasty Gal haul videos over the years that have piqued my interest.

As a recent college grad, I am most definitely ballin’ on a budget when it comes to shopping, so Nasty Gal definitely appealed to me because it offers fashionable clothing items at reasonable price points.

So what did I think? Would I shop there again? Let’s dive right in!

As a whole, I did not find the shopping experience on Nasty Gal to be enjoyable. The site layout was kind of complicated and was not organized in a way that seemed efficient.

While I kept my standards low to match Nasty Gal’s low price points, this is not a place I would shop again for basics. The two bodysuits I ordered were not up to par with what I wanted in terms of quality. I like a bodysuit to be a thick material and these were just too thin that they weren’t flattering/showed every bump and lump. I also ordered a few blouses and chose to return them because they were just too thin.

However, I was pleasantly surprised upon opening a skirt and faux leather jacket I ordered. The skirt had a sturdy zipper and was also very flattering. The faux leather jacket was high quality but not overly expensive, perfect if you’re forgetful like me and see yourself losing it haha.

My biggest tiff with Nasty Gal was how inconsistent their sizing was. I felt that many of their clothes did not run true to size…most fit too big and a few too small/short to be worn.


Because of these given variables, I believe Nasty Gal to be kind of hit or miss. With that in mind, they are similar to other fast fashion stores like Zara and Forever 21, in that you definitely get what you pay for.

However, I was very happy with two of the items that I purchased from Nasty Gal — these being a snakeskin skirt and faux leather jacket. Whenever I have worn either piece, I have recieved compliments and definitely felt very on trend and liked that either piece didn’t break the bank.

So, would I shop there again? Sure. But it definitely is not my new go-to spot for shopping, because of its inconsistency in sizing and quality.

9 St Paddy’s Day Tees For All Your Day Drinking Needs

It’s that time of year again — St. Patrick’s Day. For me, this is the day of every single year that I am reminded that I have nothing green in my closet and don’t like corned beef and cabbage very much. But I still eat in anyway and wear whatever I can find, in honor of my Irish heritage.

Given that I will be out of the country for St. Patrick’s Day this year and will unfortunately not be able to go out on the actual date, I went out this past weekend with my friends in Hoboken, NJ. While most may consider this to be rather early, I know this is what my Irish ancestors would have wanted ;). How twenty-something of me.

While I did not order any of these shirts, mostly because I celebrated St. Patrick’s Day early this year, I would definitely consider ordering one of these affordable options to wear in years to come.

Whether or not you will actually be partying this year for St. Patrick’s Day, some of these options are still appropriate for school or work. Hope everyone has a happy, healthy and safe St. Patrick’s Day 🙂

5 Tips To Dress a Pear-Shaped Body

In a world taken over by comparison due to the prevalence of social media, women struggle with body positivity and embracing their figures. With that in mind, I think that a major part of being “body positive” is dressing for your body type. This means wearing clothing that shows off what makes you feel amazing.

I personally have a pear-shaped body type. A pear-shaped body is characterized as someone who is smaller on top than they are on the bottom. Their chest and waist are on the smaller side, so it is most flattering to emphasize those parts, and draw attention away from their hips and thighs, where they carry most of their weight. Powerhouses like Beyonce and J-Lo are also pear-shaped ladies!

This article isn’t to say that you can’t dress in whatever you want. But I personally felt a wave of relief when I stopped forcing myself into clothing that clearly did not flatter the parts of me I was self-conscious about and instead drew attention to the things I loved about my body. With that all being said, here are a few rules I go by when dressing my body type.

Find what works for you and stick to it

In high school, when shopping for homecoming and sweet sixteen dresses with my friends, I felt like the “fat one” because body con dresses never seemed to flatter my curves like they did on my “thinner” friends. I tried to change the way I ate, but my body type remained the same. It seemed like bodycon dresses were the only option for social events like homecoming, and it etched away at my self-esteem.

After a long period of self-doubt, I began to try on other silhouettes. With some trial and error, I eventually figured out that my curves were MADE for skater and a-line dresses. Suddenly, my smaller shoulders, waist and flatter tummy were the star of the show, and I was no longer self-conscious of the extra weight around my hips and thighs that bodycon dresses drew attention to.

Knowing what shapes work for you also creates fewer tears in the dressing room and makes shopping a breeze.


Buckle up! 

In 2018, belts are used for more than just to keep our pants up.

This season, statement belts are in, and can be used to cinch in your waist and bring attention to your smallest part, while also adding an edge to your outfit.

Two words: French tuck

Popularized by Tan France on Neftlix’s original show Queer Eye, the French tuck is the process of tucking in the front half of your shirt into your bottoms to bring attention to your waist, blousing it, while leaving the back portion untucked. According to France, it makes you appear “taller and leaner”.

I think that it also adds a certain *~je ne sais quoi~ to any outfit, while also better flattering my shape.

Avoid oversized clothing

While some pieces of oversized clothing are definitely considered fashionable these days and are obviously comfortable, I tend to avoid these pieces because I feel that they can make me look heavier. Instead, I look for more tailored pieces in soft fabrics so I still feel cozy without creating extra bulk.

When I do wear something oversized, though, I make sure to balance the large piece out with another piece that is much tighter. This can be as simple as pairing the piece with leggings or very skinny jeans.

High-rise pants are your BFF

I’ve recently coined the phrase “if my pants don’t cover my bellybutton, I don’t want them”.

Pear-shaped ladies have smaller waists than hips, so before high-waisted pants came back into style, it was really difficult to find pants that fit me everywhere. I love how high-waisted pants hug in all the right places and bring attention to my smaller waist.

Another thing I love about this style? They make my legs appear longer and your torso shorter, which ultimately makes your body look more balanced. 

High-rise pants also look great paired with crop tops so they’re incredibly versatile to have in your closet. 

Purchase my sweater, a similar tee and similar booties here.

3 Major Fall 2018 Fashion Trends

In my humble opinion, fall is the best season of all. I love fall because of gorgeous colors of the changing leaves, apple picking, a break from summer’s sweltering heat, pumpkin carving, my birthday (October 7th — where my Libras at?), and most of all, the fashion. 

With that being said, fall is my favorite season to dress for, and the reason why I wanted to write this post — who doesn’t love fall fashion?  Read on to find out about fall’s hottest trends, as well as some outfit inspiration from some fashion bloggers that I follow.

Burnt orange //

In 2018, it seems that burnt orange is the new black. Whether it be worn in the form of a button front mini skirt, an overall dress, a sweater or a corduroy jacket, burnt orange is all the rage this season and can be seen everywhere.



Courtney Shields of Bring Your Own Beauty

Gray plaid // 

Plaid? For Fall?

Plaid is timeless — this season this menswear inspired trend be found just about anywhere — from Boohoo, Target, J.Crew or Lulus. 



Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 11.27.27 AM
Blogger Grace Lee of Gracefullee Made

Leopard print //

Leopard print’s a neutral, right? I love this trend because it pairs well with just about anything (stripes, olive, denim, black…) and adds some pizzazz to any outfit. Whether you wear it in a the form of shoes, a cozy pullover, a purse or a scarf, this trend pulls a classic look together.



Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 1.08.27 PM
Brighton Keller of BrightonTheDay

Poshmark 101: 4 Tips on How I Sell My Clothes Online

Ever wonder how you can make easy cash while simultaneously cleaning out your closet? Enter: Poshmark.

Poshmark is a smartphone application that is available for download for both iPhone and android users and allows you to sell your clothes online. Simply download the app from the App Store, take photos of your clothes, write a small description and include sizing and the brand name, and you’ve got your first listing up! Boom.

Once someone purchases your item, Poshmark takes care of the rest. They email you a prepaid shipping label, which you print out and stick on a box then drop it in your nearest USPS mailbox. Simple as that — nothing comes out of your own pocket.

I have sold everything from Lilly Pulitzer dresses to converse sneakers that I haven’t touched. I have had Poshmark downloaded on my phone for quite some time now, but was not making sales until more recently when my awesome friend Alex gave me a crash-course on using Poshmark (Check out her closet here — she’s the best!)

With all of this in mind, I have outlined a few of my key tips on selling your clothes on Poshmark.

Take good photos.

You would think that this would be easier said than done. But since I have began taking more time to take nice photos of my clothes, my sales have increased drastically. This means having good lighting, maybe hanging your clothes on a hanger or folding them nicely for a photo with a bare backdrop. You want to make them look appealing.

With this in mind, takes photos of your clothing from different angles. Take close up shots, take photos of the back and front, etc. Also be sure to also be honest with your buyers — if the shirt has a hole in it, make sure it is shown in your photos and noted in the description. Also consider bringing the price down a bit if the item isn’t in perfect condition. Being honest will make you appear more reputable as a sellers, and this could lead to more sales in the future if your buyers are happy with your services.

Also be sure to measure your items and put these numbers in the item’s description. Definitely a helpful thing to do.

FullSizeRender 2

Make sure that you always have boxes/envelopes on hand.

Always having shipping supplies on hand allows you to send out purchases much faster than you might have if you didn’t — I know that I have made this mistake before and have paid the price by getting poor reviews from buyers. But I’ll talk about that in my next tip 🙂

Did you know that you can actually order USPS boxes and envelopes to be sent to your house for free? After having done this, I have the capability of sending out items much, much faster. Simply order Priority Mail USPS envelopes from the USPS website (not Flat Rate as these will get sent back to you) and have them mailed to your home if you do not have time to pick them up. Super easy and they’re free!

Send out your items ASAP.

Everyone likes fast shipping, right? Right. With this in mind, be fair to your buyers and try to ship out your item within a few days — 1-3 is ideal. If something comes up, also be sure to take advantage of the comments section of your listing to communicate with your buyer.

Neglecting to send out your items quickly could lead to unhappy customers, which means that they will be unlikely to shop your closet again and leave you a nasty rating.

Wrap your item up nicely and include a card. 

Take time to wrap up your items with care in some tissue paper and include a “thank you” note. This will definitely show your customer that you care about their business.

Feel free to follow me on Poshmark here and shop my closet!