Riverdale Drinking Game

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Riverdale, a teenage crime drama that is based off the Archie Comics, is sweeping the nation. With the words “Riverdale” constantly on everyone (and my own) lips, why not pair the hottest show of the season with a drinking game?! Many of the show’s viewers are young people, and what young person doesn’t like to sit down and watch some trashy tv with a bottle of wine?

So sit back and relax on this chilly Friday night, grab a few friends, and pop open a bottle of wine because this drinking game is about to get you lit.

Take a sip…

Every time Cheryl mentions her dead brother, Jason

Every time Archie isn’t wearing a shirt

Whenever “Dark Betty” is mentioned

Whenever Hermione calls Veronica “mija”

When Jughead’s teen angst comes out

Take a shot…

Whenever Pop’s is mentioned

Every time you roll your eyes at something Veronica says (her old life in New York, mention of her father in prison…)

Whenever someone makes a pop culture reference

When Archie doesn’t know what’s going on

Whenever someone mentions “jingle jangle”

Finish your drink…

When Jughead narrates a scene

Whenever Archie kisses someone