Spring Break 2018 Packing List

Featured image: GuoGuiyan.com Ahh, spring break. My friends and I are jetting off on a senior year spring break trip to the Bahamas on Saturday morning, and after having a very busy last few weeks filled with papers and job applications, I could not be more excited to relax by the pool with a drink in my hand. With this in mind, I have decided … Continue reading Spring Break 2018 Packing List

Poshmark 101: 4 Tips on How I Sell My Clothes Online

Ever wonder how you can make easy cash while simultaneously cleaning out your closet? Enter: Poshmark. Poshmark is a smartphone application that is available for download for both iPhone and android users and allows you to sell your clothes online. Simply download the app from the App Store, take photos of your clothes, write a small description and include sizing and the brand name, and … Continue reading Poshmark 101: 4 Tips on How I Sell My Clothes Online

Plaid? For Winter? Groundbreaking.

Hi everyone! Can’t believe November is coming to a close already and it’s nearly December! With Thanksgiving now behind us and temperatures dipping into the 30s here in New England, it is important to bundle up, and I did just that by creating an outfit around my cozy plaid scarf. For this fall-inspired look, I paired one of my favorite scarves from Urban Outfitters with … Continue reading Plaid? For Winter? Groundbreaking.

Riverdale Drinking Game

Image source Riverdale, a teenage crime drama that is based off the Archie Comics, is sweeping the nation. With the words “Riverdale” constantly on everyone (and my own) lips, why not pair the hottest show of the season with a drinking game?! Many of the show’s viewers are young people, and what young person doesn’t like to sit down and watch some trashy tv with a bottle … Continue reading Riverdale Drinking Game

15 Reasons to Study Abroad in College

College is a time to learn about yourself and gain independence. While being on your home campus is all fine and dandy, it is important for college students everywhere to gain new experiences. Here are 15 reasons why college students should study abroad. Being on your own means that you will grow up. You will make lifelong friends. Studying abroad will give you the chance … Continue reading 15 Reasons to Study Abroad in College